Sandy Mansson

Sandy Mansson



  • Geburtsdatum06.04.41
  • GeburtsortLos Angeles, California, USA


Sandy Mansson
<strong>Quelle:</strong> Assistant on assignment for CabarEng - <table style="border:3px solid #5555aa; width:100%; height:100px; align:center; background-color:#ccccff"><tbody><tr><td rowspan="2"><a href="//" class="image"><img alt="Southerly Clubs logo 2006.jpg" src="" decoding="async" width="120" height="79" srcset=" 1.5x, 2x" data-file-width="769" data-file-height="509"></a> </td></tr><tr><td align="center">This image comes from the <a href="//" title="Category:Southerly Clubs Image Archives">Southerly Clubs</a> of Stockholm, Sweden, a non-profit society which owns image publication rights to the archives of <a href="//" title="Jacob Truedson Demitz (Lars Jacob)">Lars Jacob</a> Prod, Mimical Productions, F.U.S.I.A., <a href="//" title="Swenglistic Underground">Swenglistic Underground</a> (formerly CabarEng), Ristesson Ent and <a href="//" title="FamSAC">FamSAC</a>. Southerly Clubs donated this picture to the Public Domain. Deputy Chairman <a href="//" title="Emil Eikner">Emil Eikner</a> for the Board of Directors, Hallowe'en 2008. </td></tr></tbody></table><table class="messagebox layouttemplate" style="margin:0.3em 0;width:100%;" lang="en" dir="ltr"><tbody><tr><td width="70"><img alt="VRT Wikimedia" src="" decoding="async" title="VRT Wikimedia" width="75" height="48" srcset=" 1.5x, 2x" data-file-width="935" data-file-height="600"><p><span class="layouttemplateargs" style="display:none;speak:none;" title="template=PermissionTicket 2%3D2010092510008875"> </span> </p> </td> <td>This work is <a href="" class="extiw" title="freedomdefined:Definition">free</a> and may be used by anyone for any purpose. If you wish to <b><a href="//" title="Commons:Reusing content outside Wikimedia">use this content</a></b>, you do not need to request permission as long as you follow any licensing requirements mentioned on this page. <p>The Wikimedia Foundation has received an e-mail confirming that the copyright holder has approved publication under the terms mentioned on this page. This correspondence has been <b><span style="background:transparent;color:#0f7f1f;font-weight:400;" title="transparent">reviewed</span></b> by a <a href="//" title="Template:PermissionTicket/Users">Volunteer Response Team (VRT) member</a> and stored in our <a href="//" title="Commons:Volunteer Response Team">permission archive</a>. The correspondence is available to trusted volunteers <span class="plainlinksneverexpand">as <b><a class="external text" href=";TicketNumber=2010092510008875">ticket #2010092510008875</a></b></span>. </p><p><small>If you have questions about the archived correspondence, please use the <a href="//" title="Commons:Volunteer Response Team/Noticeboard">VRT noticeboard</a>.</small> <small>Ticket link: <a class="external free" href=";TicketNumber=2010092510008875">;TicketNumber=2010092510008875</a></small> <br><small>Find other files from the same ticket:</small> <a href="" title="SDC query (SPARQL)" rel="nofollow"><img alt="SDC query (SPARQL)" src="" decoding="async" width="15" height="20" srcset=" 1.5x, 2x" data-file-width="512" data-file-height="688"></a> <span id="field-otrs" title=";TicketNumber=2010092510008875"></span> </p> </td></tr></tbody></table>

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